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FashBash – The Comeback Edition is happening on 27 January 2018 (Saturday) at 5 Little Monkeys Cafe

We have 3 categories of FashBash booths, and 1 category of Wardrobe Raids booths to choose from:



Booths A $350 – $400: Prime spots near the entrances. Only 2 XL ones that are 4m x 2m.

Booths B $300: Spacious 3m x 2m spots. Best for clothes racks.

Booths C $220: Cosy 2m x 2m spots. Best for table display of goods.

Add on free table, chair and other furniture options (limited numbers). We do not supply clothes racks or lighting. Refer to floorplan for booths with electrical points.

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FashBash Wardrobe Raids at 5 Little Monkeys rooftop garden

WARDROBE RAIDS (FashBash’s “very flea” little sister)

Booths D $30: Wardrobe Raids. Large “rain-or-shine” flea market booths (at least 2.5m x 2m) outdoors at the open-air roof garden – mostly unsheltered!

Please bring your own furniture and display setups. Floor mats not encouraged!

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