Quickies: Organiser = FashBash; Booth = selling space at FashBash / Wardrobe Raids; Seller = seller


What is FashBash?

FashBash is fashion awesomeness that walked out of the store, into your wardrobe, and into the big fab world out there.


FashBash is a designer fashion bazaar where fashionistas can sell/buy/barter their pre-loved and good-as-new luxury brand apparel, bags, shoes, accessories. And it’s where Singapore fashion designers and retailers of high fashion, masstige and cult brands can sell samples and their current and past collections to new fans on a more personal level!

It ain’t no flea market (but we’ve got Wardrobe Raids for that) and we try to get everyone to keep everything nice and poshy.

Sign me up, I wanna sell at FashBash!

What is Wardrobe Raids?

The “very flea” little sister of FashBash.

Wardrobe Raids is the more occasional flea market that we organise, coz everyone has nice inexpensive stuff that we would love to find new owners for.

I want a Wardrobe Raids flea market booth!

Who can sell at FashBash?

We have 3 key categories of sellers:

  • Individual Seller — someone who is selling personal, pre-owned designer fashion (clothes, bags, shoes, accessories) from his/her own wardrobe. Items can be new, like new, worn out, shabby, falling apart (yeah, seriously), as long as you think someone will buy it.
  • Local Designer — Singapore-based fashion or jewellery designer. Merchandise does not necessarily have to be expensive, but we do require high standards of design and quality.
  • Retailer — someone who sells designer or cult-brand fashion items online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Blogshops which import overseas fashion fall under this category. Local labels (not tied and branded by a single designer) also fall under this category. Retailers will be accepted by the Organisers on a case-by-case basis, provided designs meet certain benchmarks in terms of quality, suitability and price point.

These 3 categories of sellers are not allowed to cross-sell within the same stall. ie local designers should not sell their personal second-hand items at the same stall, and all other permutations.

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Can sellers share Booths?

Subletting and sharing of booths are NOT allowed for Local Designers and Retailers. ie. Brand/Retailer A and Brand/Retailer B are not allowed to share one stall.

Individual Sellers selling pre-owned designer fashion goods can buddy up share a booth.

But Brand A may not share a stall with Individual Seller B.

If you haven’t already, book your FashBash booth now!

What can we sell at Fashbash?

Imitation / replica / non-authentic / inspired (“inspired” – sheesh… fake is fake is fake k!) designer items are strictly NOT ALLOWED. The Organisers reserve the right to remove, decline or prohibit any display and sale of products which may not be in line with FashBash’s unique positioning. Only genuine designer goods should be sold; sale of imitation designer goods will be reported to the Police and the respective Seller shall be banned from participating in all future FashBash events. The Organiser’s decision is final.

FashBash is a strictly designer-brand only bazaar. Individual Sellers are not allowed to sell high-street brands like MNG, Topshop, Warehouse, GAP etc. Fast fashion and chainstore brands like H&M, Forever 21, Asos, Giordano or Bossini, and ‘no brand’ stuff is also not allowed. But they are A-OK for Wardrobe Raids!

We close an eye to masstige brands like Guess, Karen Millen, Banana Republic etc. Not sure what’s ‘designer’ enough or don’t understand what the heck is ‘masstige’? Check with the Organisers NOW.

Cult brands are allowed and welcome at FashBash, but note that H&M is a far-cry from Ksubi.

What payment modes are accepted at FashBash?

All transactions are between Seller and Buyer. Payment mode depends on what is offered by the Seller, whether it’s cash only, cheque, online transfer, mobile transfer, credit/debit card, PayPal, WeChat, Alipay etc.

You keep calling yourself Awesome. Like, really?


Are there really FashBash Elves?

Yes. We are the Calaquendi and live mostly in Aman (our current favourite being Amanyangyun).


The Organisers reserve the right to amend this info anytime, anyplace, but not really anyhow. We’re reasonable peeps.


Got more questions?

We’re happy to answer anytime! Hit us up on our WhatsApp Hotline at +65 8575 1520 or Get in Touch by email or Messenger.